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Grow Luckywhel

  • Category Development
  • Client Abbott
  • Start Date 24 December 2021
  • Handover 01 February 2022
Grow Luckywhel

Abbott Grow Luckywheel

Abbott Grow Luckywheel is an app for PGs to check in outlet, manage and caculatate inventory, import and record customer's information, so that sales team can use these data for further cross sale. PGs can also promote and attract customer to buy products through Luckywheel game. At the end of the day, PGs can check their customer's list, gifts and KPI right on the app.

  • + Application Development
  • + Brand Awareness
  • + Inventory Management
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Abbott Grow is a high-quality nutritional supplement from Abbott USA, providing essential nutrients to support the growth of children, including height, brain development, digestive health, and immune system enhancement. Through the app, PGs can spread the products to customer and records the potential ones.